FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do wedding makeup applications typically take per person?

Makeup applicaion for the bride is around an hour to an hour to an hour and 15 minutes typically. Bridesmaids & Mothers is around 45 minutes. Junior Bridesmaids & Flower girl is around 15.

If you are getting airbrushed applications, they tend to take about 15 minutes extra because each shade is mixed drop by drop and each layer needs time to dry.

Note: Keep in mind there may be additional time for any cover ups for tattoos, etc. An additional cost is required for that, and please let us know prior for scheduling purposes.

How long will the makeup last? I'm concerned if we have to start makeup in the early morning, it won't last the entire day and night!

A professional makeup application is a lot different than the day to day makeup you may apply to yourself. Correct products, and the right product application ensures that your face will remain flawless for hours and hours. As added insurance, I provide all brides and bridesmaids with mini touch up kits, as well as some emergency items to take with you the day of the wedding.

If I cry will it ruin my makeup?

My wedding kit is filled with all the water and sweat resistant products I need to ensure that your makeup will be able to withstand tears of joy as well as the dance floor perspiration! As an added insurance, I provide all brides and bridesmaids with mini touch up kits, as well as some emergency items to take with you the day of the wedding.

How much room do you need to set up for on location applications?

For weddings or an on location application, I will typically bring my folding directos chair, my LED ring light which is on a tripod stand, and a small folding table. All makeup products fit into a small case on wheels. With this gear, I am able to makeup just about any room and situation work! However, if there's an option for a window where a nice amount of natural light comes in, that would always be preferred. The bigger the window the better!

What if I’m uncomfortable requiring my bridal party to pay to have their makeup, or makeup and hair professionally done on the morning of my wedding?

As far as not forcing your bridal party to spend the extra money for professional glam on the day of your wedding? I totally get it. Weddings are expensive for everyone! But at the end of the day, you've invested a lot of time planning and money to ultimately throw a big party for your family and friends to celebrate a really special milestone, and one thing to remember is years from now you'll only have your wedding day photos to looks back on, and having everyone look beautiful and put together with gorgeous hair and makeup will make your photos that much cherished. The good news is your wedding is still (typically) months away, and plenty of time for your girls to decide/save!

I have a friend who is really good at makeup / I know another artist, can I have them do the makeup for all/some of the bridesmaids on the wedding day?

While the makeup industry is growing on a personal level due to popularity of stores like Sephora, ULTA and because of social media, that may be an option for some brides/bridesmaids. However, at the end of the day, the bride & groom have spent months of planning, thousands of dollars, hours of stressing, and in the years to come will always and only have their photos & video to look back on and remember this day. Having the Sea-Glam artists do everyones makeup will ensure that every girl looks flawless & similar in the photos. If someone else has their makeup done by a different person, this can be noticeable and also can reflect how another person that may be considered booking us sees. If it's not done well, they will think it was our team that did that job if we are the only known artist there. This is also our policy when booking us:

Only Sea-Glam Artist and Artist’s assistant(s) shall be permitted to assume any makeup services. Any other person(s); professional, relative or otherwise; attempting to assume any such duties will be considered a breach of contract and all representatives of Artist shall cease work and there will be no refund.

What is the $250 booking fee for reserving my wedding? Why does only $150 of it apply towards the final balance? Where does the other $100 go?

In order to secure your wedding date, we require a completed reservation contract, a booking fee of $100.00, and a deposit of $150. Which totals to $250.

The $100 booking fee is a non-refundable cost that goes towards administrative expenses required for preparing your wedding. This goes towards the time spent while in contact with you through any emails, questions, or time spent prior to the day of the wedding. This also goes toward all prep work we do for your wedding the days leading up to the event.

The $150 deposit is a non-refundable and non-transferable retainer required to reserve your wedding date. This makes the artist completely unavailable for that day. This deposit will apply towards the final balance due on the wedding day.

How much does it cost to have you provide a service outside of your studio for non-bridal clients?

Prices shown are for in studio sessions. My studio is located in Straylight Picture Studio - 1 Sutton Ave. Oxford, MA 01540.
A travel fee will apply based off mileage if you would like me to travel to you, as well as either my half day rate or full day rate depending on distance. It starts at a $400 service minimum for out of studio services is due to the fact that I will end up having to block off most of my day due to the traveling time as well as since it being out of studio nobody else is essentially able to book me on that day or at least the majority of it. This cost also includes the packing/unpacking time to put together the kit from my studio and set it back up when I return, as well as setup on location. So the $400 starting price is just the price in services alone. I do also charge for mileage/tolls/parking etc for wear and tear depending on the location.